What About my labs?

Labs will be ordered at the hospital or the health dept. This will allow for your labs to be paid for by your insurance.

How will i pay for my doctor's visits?

Visits are $60 cash for up to two problems. 



​Dr. Smith is opting out of Medicare, meaning that she will no longer bill insurance for her services. We believe this will allow for a more direct doctor/patient relationship.

(706) 970-3658

Can I submit a bill to my insurance?

Because Dr. Smith has opted out of Medicare, a bill can not be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement. If however, you have private insurance for example: BC/BS, UHC, ect. you may submit your bill and be reimbursed as an out of network charge.

It is likely you have questions, please read through those listed below and the answers that accompany them: